02-11Philmont Prep Hike
02-11Michael S's Eagle Project (Packing and Sorting Kits for IRC)
02-13Fitness Seminar
02-20No Meeting
02-27Skit night
03-04Optimist Crab Feed
03-05Mountain Biking Merit Badge Ride 3
03-06Committee Meeting
02-11Philmont Prep Hike
10 people attending
02-11Michael S's Eagle Project (Packing and Sorting Kits for IRC)
16 people attending
03-04Optimist Crab Feed
11 people attending
03-05Mountain Biking Merit Badge Ride 3
1 people attending
03-11Bridging Ceremony for Pack 991
2 people attending
03-12Mountain Biking Merit Badge Ride 4
0 people attending
03-26Mountain Biking Merit Badge Ride 5
0 people attending
04-01 -> 04-02Snow Camping- Donner Pass / Castle Peak
7 people attending
04-08Philmont Prep Hike
1 people attending
04-16Mountain Biking Merit Badge Ride 6
0 people attending
Register before Apr 23, 2023
04-21 -> 04-23Sanborn/Castle Rock Backpacking
6 people attending
04-29San Mateo County Parks Service Project
1 people attending
05-05 -> 05-07Kayaking Elkhorn Slough
0 people attending
05-07MB Merit Badge Ride 7
0 people attending
05-20San Mateo County Parks Service Project
0 people attending
06-21 -> 07-03Philmont Scout Ranch High Adventure
34 people attending
07-09 -> 07-15Camp Royaneh
20 people attending
07-30 -> 08-05Camp Oljato
21 people attending




Troop 149 History


Dating back to 1943, Troop 149 has been creating mature men and many Eagle Scouts. So many, that we have had 86 young men finish the Scouting program and achieve the prestigious rank of Eagle. Annually, we strive to attend at least 10 regular camp outs. Every year since 1997, we have been going to Camp Royaneh over the summer as well as going to one camp of our Scouts choice. Some examples of camps we have gone to in the past years are Camp Oljato, Emerald Bay, Chawanakee and Philmont Scout Ranch, just to name a few. Our Troop is based out of Redwood City, California at the Elks Lodge and we meet three out of four Monday nights per month.


See from our past Scoutmasters of what they liked about leading the Troop!

Jeff Gray: 2011-2015


What was the best thing about the weekly meetings? I spent a considerable amount of my time in meetings involved with Scoutmaster Conferences. Nearly anything in life that is worthwhile comes with its challenges, and Scoutmaster Conferences definitely could be challenging at time, however, they were alway extremely worthwhile!


What do you think was your most effective Scoutmaster Minute? Picking a favorite Scoutmaster Minute would be akin to picking your favorite child. In my four years, I performed over 100 of them, many of which were well longer than a "minute" . One of my favorites was called "The Jar" which I "borrowed" from an internet site. Basically, I filled a large jar with ping pong balls, and asked the troop if they felt I could get anything else into the jar, of course they answered: no. Then I added several handfuls of ball bearings until the jar was filled, asked the same question, and got the same response. Lastly, I added several handfuls of sand to the jar until it was filled, finally making the comment, that often our lives seem like we can't add anything else to our day, however, we should always make time for what is important, and there is always a little more room in the jar!


What was your favorite camp you attended as a Scoutmaster? My last summer camp was very important to me, personally. Although it is not well known, I have a pretty severe phobia of open water, thus for the previous summer camps, I was unable to complete the qualifying swim. After three years of not making it, I told myself that I would finally achieve my goal of fully qualifying for the water aspects of summer camp. To do this, I built my swimming confidence, and proficiency, swimming three days a week at a local pool. At my last summer camp, I was able to successfully complete the swimming challenge at Catalina Island. Sometimes, life provides great challenges and opportunities and regardless if you are in your teens or in your 50’s, you have to meet this challenges head on, come up with a reasonable plan to achieve your goals, work hard, and hopefully you will surpass some of your greatest fears.




Matthew Bennett: 2010-2011


What made you want to become a Scoutmaster? I was one back in Utah, but when I got a job here in California I attended a Round Table asking what I can do to help out in the local Scouting Community. Even though I still lived in Utah and worked in California, I did what I could do for the Troop while I was in the Bay Area for work during the week. It was a great relief to have Jeff Gray, my successor, to attend Troop outings on the weekend.


What was your favorite Scoutmaster Minute? The one  I described how I ride past a bunch of fishing piers every morning on my way to work. When the tide is out I can see that the bay has eaten away at the wooden supports so that they are not safe to walk on. However at high tide, they look like a great place to go fishing. I would never trust them. One thing I could not include in the minute that I can now is that most of the piers have fallen into the Bay after a few years.


What was your favorite activity done during a meeting? That would have to be any cooking event. One in particular is when we had dutch oven cooking. Everyone likes to eat and the food tasted great.




John Wise: 2007-2009


What was your favorite activity done during a meeting? Knot tying and first aid were probably my favorite meetings.


What was your favorite summer camp? Camp Mensinger was my favorite camp because I felt most connected to the outdoors than most other camps we went to.


What made you become a Scoutmaster and your best Scoutmaster Minute? I wanted to be a rolemodel to all the Scouts who were in my Troop and help as many as possible to have a better life. Best Scoutmaster Minute was to be positive in all you do in life and to learn from everything.



Congrats to our Newest Eagle Scout- Oscar Livingston!!

Posted on Sep 23 2022 - 8:15pm

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Oscar Livingston has attained the rank of Eagle Scout! Oscar had his Eagle Board of Review tonight, September 22, 2022, and I understand he did a magnificent job answering the board's thought-provoking questions. Oscar has participated in many campouts, snow trips, and service projects over the years culminating with his Eagle Project this July expanding the plant nursery at Edgewood Park. Please join me in congratulating Oscar for this impressive accomplishment.

Eagle Project July 5-6 @ Edgewood Park- Oscar Livingston

Posted on Jun 25 2022 - 11:39am

The project will be July 5th (Tuesday) and 6th (Wednesday), from 9am to roughly 4pm both days. Hopefully, if we work hard most of the second day will go unused.

Congrats to our Newest Eagle Scout- Devin Jekat

Posted on Jun 16 2022 - 8:44am

It is my pleasure to announce that Devin Jekat became an Eagle Scout last night,
June 13, 2022! The Eagle Board asked tough questions which Devin responded to with great aplomb. His warmth, leadership skills, and love of outdoor activities shown through. Devin has had a wide variety of Scouting experiences as he has been co-registered with Troop 149 in California and Troop 1449 in Maryland. Many of you will remember enjoying Devin's camaraderie at Camp Chawanakee, Camp Royaneh, and Camp "not-Winton." You will be happy to know that Devin is moving to California, and we can look forward to seeing him.


Posted on May 12 2022 - 8:29pm

It is my great honor to announce that tonight, April 4, 2022, that Dario Salazar became Troop 149's 111th Eagle Scout!

Dario handled the many difficult questions he received with intelligence, grace, and maturity. When asked for one word to describe Scouting, Dario insisted that two were needed - fun and commitment. He credits his scouting years with helping to develop his leadership abilities and with learning many valuable skills.

Snow Camping March 5-6!!

Posted on Dec 14 2021 - 9:46am

We plan to go snow camping March 5-6! We will snowshoe in for about 1 mile with backpacks, then set up tents and build snow structures. Scouts can build a snow cave to sleep in or pitch a tent. This is a one-night camping trip (up on Saturday early morning, back on Sunday).

Book your summer camps now!!

Posted on Mar 14 2021 - 7:00pm

Click on the calendar link for July to sign up!

We have two exciting camps happening this summer, Camp Royaneh (Cazadero) and Camp Winton (Pioneer, CA). Summer camps are a great way for scouts to cement friendships, advance in rank, challenge themselves and grow more independent.



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